The Official Web Site of Carmen Miraglia, and ERBE Dermocosmetica Rome, Italy
ERBE and the Authentic
Italian Beauty Culture
ERBE is recognized as the only brand
reflecting the values of the Authentic
Italian Beauty Culture. We have
a deep and comprehensive
knowledge of the organic processes
and plant transformation;
specializing in active principles
of organic botanical blends.

A History of Hands-on Research
Our practices are informed
by the accumulation of information
that has been researched, tested,
improved, and enhanced over
hundreds of years
is at the heart
of the brand.
Tradition and
authenticity inform
every aspect
of our work.
Our philosophy
and our products
have their origin
in the work
of 16th century
Italian herbalists,
physician and
herbalist monks
from celebrated
in fact, our
line of products
was originally
available only
in local
and herb shops
in Italy.
We control every
aspect of our
and production,
we are deeply
involved in every
aspect of
and packaging.
We not only know
which herbs are
used, but often
the region and
even the fields
where they
were grown
and harvested.